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Brief introduction

PetroExir, founded in 2009. We are a specialized Our specialized to supply of all types of upstream and downstream equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical company from the well-known brands, also implementation of commissioning and inspection of pipeline is our speciallity.

Petroexir has been working with one of the best manufacturers of chemicals in Iran. We can provide broad solutions and applications to our customers. Supplying different type of chemicals for water treatment, we offer a wide range of process additives as well. With our vast experience in this field, we can support our clients in analyzing and selecting the right product grade and designing the exact process chemicals for each application. For the products supplied by us, we guarantee high and long-lasting performance.

Petroexir is a leading company involve in trades and supply of the industrial equipment and chemicals such as process chemicals and water treatment additives for more than 8 years.

Petroexir operates globally in diverse sectors of the energy industry. Our specialized activities cover in particular the supply of all types of upstream and downstream equipment used for oil, gas, refining, petrochemical and power plant applications. Our activities range from supplying equipment for oil refineries and petrochemical plants to exploring potential new oil and gas reserves.

Keeping sensitive facilities like refinery, petrochemical and gas plants safe and efficient, it is essential to precisely choose the correct equipment. Our policy is to supply exclusively original and genuine products from well-known brands in this field. In the following pages we have listed some of the brands we supplied to our customers in the last years.

Besides high product quality, we guarantee our clients premium service and delivery in time, to assure our customers complete product satisfaction. We are constantly striving to improve our performance with accurate communication and reliability.

Petroexir is one of the supplier process chemicals and water treatment additives as well. It provides a comprehensive water treatment program, diagnostics, and specialty formulas.

We provide the highest quality products, professional technology and excellent after service and deliver cost effective solutions for customers to customers to optimize her overall plant production., water and energy conservation and environmental protection.

we believe that in order to make a difference in the market and in industry, collaboration is the key to success.

We are totally committed to the customer, to you, and we strive not only to create but to maintain long lasting relationships where solutions are based on our products that are engineered, customized, and specifically targeted to fit customer's individual needs.

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