we provide your needs in fire protection inspection, installment, testing and maintenance services in any environment.

Fire Alarm and detectors

Petroexir with many years of experience in the field offers a wide range of fire control and protection to resolve all of your demands, our dedicated team has the ability to be your full-service provider of fire protection system.

Gaseous Fire Suppression

Gaseous Fire Suppression or Clean Agent fire suppression are terms used to describe gases used to extinguish fires. Typically, gaseous agents work in one of two ways, the first is to inert the atmosphere reducing oxygen levels to a level that will no longer sustain combustion, the second is to react chemically with the fire absorbing heat and causing the chain reaction of combustion to break down.

Petroexir team of with many years’ experience will you design, provide, install and maintain this service with the highest available quality.

Water System

Conventional Sprinkler Systems are designed primarily to control the fire and prevent building structural collapse, and pre-wet the surrounding combustibles to prevent fire spread. This is achieved using copious quantities of water which is including wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, water mist system.

Foam System

Petroexir expertise ranges from small commercial systems to military specification systems. Through a wide range of options for foam products and delivery systems, Hiller can customize foam fire suppression systems that are highly effective against a variety of fire hazards and are suitable for fire extinguishment on deck and below deck – from flight decks and hangars to bilges.